10 British English Slang Words and Phrases with TV Series & Movies

British Slang Words

Slang is words and phrases that are very informal and you might have trouble understanding people if you don’t know their meanings. Even if you don’t want to use slang words, you must know them to understand native speakers. You’ll also come across slang words when you’re watching TV Series and movies.

Here are some of the most common British slang words and phrases that you should know;


Definition; slightly hungry
– I’m feeling a bit peckish. What’s for dinner tonight?

A quid

Definition; a pound in money
– I bought a new phone and it cost me 600 quid.

A bloke

Definition; a man
– You will like Henry. He’s a really good bloke.


Definition; very tired
– I’m too knackered to go shopping after work.

A cuppa

Definition; a cup of tea
– Would you like to come in for a cuppa?

A fluke

Definition; something good that happens because of luck
– It was just a fluke that I passed the exam.

A mate

Definition; a friend
– They have been best mates since they were children.


Definition; dishonest, or not to be trusted
– Don’t buy a car from him, he’s a real dodgy character.


Definition; rude or disrespectful, but often in a funny way
– Stop being cheeky to your elders, will you?


Definition; used after a statement for emphasis, instead of any question tag
– You’re coming to the party tonight, innit?

We’re going to go through 10 Common British Slang Words that you must know in the video below.

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