Phrasal Verbs with “Call”


call back : return a phone call

  • As I couldn’t reach him, I left a message and asked him to call me back.

call for : require

  • Even though climate change calls for immediate action, many countries are slow to respond.

call in : phone your workplace to report something

  • Since I’m not feeling well, I’m going to call in sick, the first thing in the morning.

call off : cancel

  • The football match has been called off due to bad weather conditions.

call out : criticize somebody for doing something

  • The local government was called out for not building enough parks in the city.

call on : formally request sb to do something

  • The board of directors has called on the CEO to resign following the big loss of the company.

call up : reach by phone, summon for military services

  • She called me up to say “Happy birthday”.

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