10 American English Slang Words and Phrases with TV Series & Movies

American Slang Words

Slang is words and phrases that are very informal and you might have trouble understanding people if you don’t know their meanings. Even if you don’t want to use slang words, you must know them to understand native speakers. You’ll also come across slang words when you’re watching TV Series and movies.

Here are some of the most common American slang words and phrases that you should know;

10 American Slang Words with Examples and Meaning

My bad

Definition; used to say that you have made a mistake
– A: Why didn’t you call me yesterday?
My bad. I’ll call you tonight.

A buck

Definition; a dollar
– I went through five hundred bucks on my last trip to New York.


Definition; a car
– I hate taking the bus to school. I need to get some wheels.

To dump

Definition; to suddenly end a relationship with someone
– He’s really upset. His girlfriend has just dumped him.

Sure thing

Definition; used to show agreement
– A: Can you lend me your dictionary?
B: Sure thing.


Definition; to be very drunk or affected by drugs
– He was too wasted to walk straight.


Definition; someone who is practical, realistic and friendly
– I get along well with her. She’s a down-to-earth and sensible person.

Flake / Flake out

Definition; to do something strange or not do what you are expected to do
– He said we’d go out tonight but he flaked out on me.

A blast

Definition; a very exciting and enjoyable experience
– We had a blast at the party.
– The party was a blast.

Chill / Chill out

Definition; to relax completely, or not allow things to upset you
– I will spend the day chilling out in front of the TV.

We’re going to go through 10 Common American Slang Words that you must know in the video below.


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