Phrasal Verbs with GET – Learn English with TV Series

Phrasal Verbs in English

Phrasal verbs are phrases that have a verb and a small word like ‘in’, ‘on’, or ‘away’, and they often have special meanings. The verb ‘get’ is used a lot in English, and when we add different words to it, it can mean many different things. For example, ‘get up’ means to stand up, and ‘get along’ means to have a good relationship with someone.

In this article, we will look at some common phrasal verbs with ‘get’ and explain what they mean with simple examples. Understanding these will help you speak and understand English better, especially in everyday conversations.

Let’s start learning about these interesting phrases!

Phrasal Verbs with Get – Examples and Meaning

1- Get along

Definition; To have a good relationship with someone.
– Sarah and I get along very well; we’ve never had an argument.

2- Get rid of

Definition; To remove something that you don’t want any longer
– I need to get rid of these old clothes to make room for the new ones.

3- Get up

Definition; To stand up or get out of bed.
– Every morning, he gets up at 6 AM to go for a jog.

4- Get over

Definition; To recover from an illness, loss, difficulty, or shock.
– It took her a few weeks to get over the flu, but she’s feeling much better now.

5- Get through

Definition; To succeed in an exam, competition, or talking to someone on the phone.
– With a lot of studying and late nights, she managed to get through her final exams successfully.
– I’ve been trying to call you all day but couldn’t get through.

6- Get in

Definition; To enter a place, vehicle, or situation.
– I’ll get in the car and be there in 20 minutes.
– What time did you get in last night? (Arriving Home)

7- Get out

Definition; To leave or exit a place, vehicle, or situation.
– We got out of the car and carried the groceries into the house.

8- Get at

Definition; To suggest or imply something indirectly.
– I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Could you please explain it more clearly?

9- Get ahead

Definition; To be successful in your work or in society.
– She’s taking extra courses to get ahead in her career.

10- Get away with

Definition; To not be punished for doing something wrong.
– He thought he could get away with cheating on the test, but the teacher caught him.

11- Get by

Definition; To manage or survive, especially with limited resources or in difficult circumstances.
– After losing her job, she had to learn how to get by on a tighter budget.
– He doesn’t speak the language fluently, but he can get by with basic phrases while traveling.

Phrasal Verbs with Get – Learn English with TV Series

Learning English can be fun, especially with TV series. In this episode of Learn English with TV Series, we’ll focus on Phrasal Verbs with Get. These phrases are used a lot in everyday English. For example, in a TV show, you might hear someone say ‘get up’ when they wake up or ‘get along’ when talking about friends. By watching these shows, you get to see how these phrases are used in normal conversations. It’s like learning English without feeling like you’re studying. So, get ready, and let’s dive into the world of English Phrasal Verbs with the help of your favorite TV shows!

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