Phrasal Verbs with TAKE – Learn English with TV Series

Phrasal Verbs in English

Phrasal verbs are an integral part of the English language. They consist of a verb and a preposition or an adverb, creating a meaning different from the original verb. This article will explore some of the most common phrasal verbs using the verb “take“.

In this article, we will delve into various phrasal verbs that begin with the word ‘TAKE’. Each one has its own nuance and usage, which we will clarify with definitions and examples. From ‘take off’ to ‘take up’, understanding these expressions will not only enhance your vocabulary but also equip you with the idiomatic language that is a hallmark of proficient English speakers.

Let’s ‘take on’ the challenge and learn about these intriguing elements of English together!

Phrasal Verbs with Take – Examples and Meaning

1- Take up

Definition; To start a new hobby or activity.
– She has decided to take up yoga to improve her flexibility.

2- Take over

Definition; To assume control of something.
– After his father retired, he took over the family business.

3- Take back

Definition; To retract a statement or to return something.
– He had to take back his words after learning the truth.

4- Take off

Definition; To remove something; also used to indicate the successful start of something, especially a career.
– Please take off your shoes before entering.
– Her acting career really took off after her latest movie.

5- Take down

Definition; To write down information; also can mean to dismantle something.
– The secretary took down minutes of the meeting.
– They took down the old shed in the backyard.

6- Take out

Definition; To remove something from a place; also refers to extracting or dating someone.
– Don’t forget to take out the trash tonight.
– He’s planning to take her out to a fancy restaurant.

7- Take in

Definition; To absorb or understand information; also can mean to provide shelter.
– It was hard to take in all the details of the lecture.
– They decided to take in a stray cat.

8- Take on

Definition; To accept a responsibility or challenge.
– She’s not afraid to take on new responsibilities at work.

9- Take apart

Definition; To disassemble something into pieces.
– He took the clock apart to understand how it worked.

10- Take after

Definition; To resemble a family member in appearance or behavior.
– Jack really takes after his grandfather in his mannerisms.

Phrasal Verbs with Take – Learn English with TV Series

Learning English can be a fun and engaging experience, especially when you incorporate popular TV series into your language journey. In this episode of Learn English with TV Series, we’ll focus on Phrasal Verbs with Take. TV series provide an excellent opportunity to see these phrasal verbs in context, making it easier to understand their meanings and how they are used in real-life conversations. By watching and listening to characters in various situations, you’ll gain valuable insights into the nuances of ‘TAKE’ phrasal verbs, helping you become a more confident and proficient English speaker. So, get ready, and let’s dive into the world of English Phrasal Verbs with the help of your favorite TV shows!

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