Grammar Tips – How To Use Also-Too And As Well In The Right Form?


When and how are ‘also, too & as well’ used?

Replacement Is Important

Although the words also, too and as well mean the same, they are used in different places in the English sentence construction. They all have a different place in the sentence. So how do we use it correctly? In this article, we will tell you in detail and with examples.

The word ‘ also ’ is placed in front of the respective main verb in the sentence, but the word too is placed at the end of the sentence.

“Ted also likes basketball.” (Ted likes basketball too.)

“I’ll also have the vanilla ice-cream.” (I’ll have the vanilla ice-cream too.)

Beware: There is an exception with the verb ‘to be’, where ‘also’ is after:

“We’re also here on holiday.” (We’re on vacation here too.)

“I’m also a student.” (I am a student too.)

‘‘She is also a model.‘‘ (She is a model too.)

Likewise, ‘can also be expressed with too’ or as well ’. These two expressions are then at the end of the sentence. Please note that according to the English rules of commas, a comma is placed before ‘too’, but it is increasingly used without.

“I’d like to have an apple, too.” (I would also like an apple.)

“Can he speak Spanish as well?” (Does he also speak Spanish?)

‘‘Do you like this article as well?‘‘ (Do you like this article too? Do you also like this article?)

Are you going to join the team as well?

As you can see, you can also use also, too and as well by paying attention to their placement in the sentence. The most important trick is the layout of the words. Try to form sentences with different examples. As you work on it, you will get used to using it correctly.


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