Phrasal Verbs with “Bring”


bring about : cause something to happen

  • The loss of his leg in a car accident has brought about major changes in his life.

bring forth : give birth to (formal and old use)

  • She still looked quite young in her 40’s despite bringing forth 3 children to this world.

bring something forward : move to an earlier date

  • The opening of the art exhibition was brought forward by a week.

bring on : cause to happen something bad

  • Her illness was brought on by too much weight loss.

bring round : persuade , cause to recover consciousness

  • The customer didn’t like our payment plan but we were able to bring her round.
  • After she lost consciousness, I tried hard to bring her round.

bring up : to rear, educate a child    

  • He was brought up on a farm so he knew many things about cows and chickens.
  • After her husband died, she had to bring her children up on her own.

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